Recent Publications

Sidechain technology has been envisioned as a promising solution to accelerate today’s public blockchains in terms of scalability …

The existing identity authentication of IoT devices mostly depends on an intermediary institution, i.e., a CA server, which suffers …

Nowadays, with the size and complexity of software increasing rapidly, vulnerabilities are becoming diversified and hard to identify. …

The advent of blockchain sheds light on addressing trust issues of peer-to-peer networks by providing a distributed tamper-resistant …

Multidimensional Trust-Based Anomaly Detection System in Internet of Things

There is a growing requirement for effective trust management in Internet of Vehicles (IoV), considering the critical consequences of …

The integration of social networking concepts with Internet of Vehicles (IoV) has led to the novel paradigm “Social Internet of …

Recent Talks

This talk was for Blockchain@UBC Monthly Research Talk, in which I talked about off-chain scaling technologies. This presentation …



A prototyping and evaluation framework that studies the next generation BFT (Byzantine fault-tolerant) protocols specific for blockchains, namely chained-BFT, or cBFT.

Blockchain Conference Paper

This is a group project to collect blockchain-related papers from top academic conferations.

Solidity Doc Cn

Official Chinese version of Solidity document. I am one of the major contributors of the translation team.


TA experiences

I am the TA of the following courses:

  • ENGR 453: Internet of Things (Winter 2018)

    • I designed all of the lab instructions which can be found here

Honors & Rewards

  • Renmin National Fellowship, First Prize (2013-2015)
  • Samsung Fellowship, 2015
  • Best Graduate Student of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2015
  • Guanghua Fellowship, 2017
  • China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship (2018-2022)